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As passionate members of the gaming community, we here at OverKlock want to assist you in bringing your vision into reality. Upgrade your hardware and accessories with our latest products and get one step closer to the master framework you've always wanted!

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Gaming Mice

Wired and wireless mice that come in a variety of styles and colors from black to silver, white and pink

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Wireless Dual Charger Charging PS5 Controllers

Gaming Accessory

Dual Charger

Keep your PS5 controllers ready for action with the Dual Charger, a compact and stylish solution for fast and convenient charging. Say goodbye to low battery worries and stay immersed in your gaming world.

Aurora Galaxy Projector

Room Decor

Aurora Projector

Transform any space into a mesmerizing light show with the Aurora Projector, casting a captivating array of colors and patterns that create a tranquil and immersive ambiance. Whether for relaxation or setting the mood, the Aurora Projector offers a unique visual experience that brings your surroundings to life.



Versatile keyboards designed for both mobile and desktop gaming, office productivity, and a wide range of recreational activities

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Q light in motion gif

Spotlight Item: Q light

This soft light alarm clock comes with a built-in bluetooth speaker that lets you wirelessly stream your favorite music or podcasts, as well as nature sounds and other ambient effects that provide an amazing auditory experience. Personalize and transform your living space with a vast range of fascinating lighting effects. Pick from vibrant hues and moody tones to set the atmosphere for any occasion, from cozy solo nights to lively group gatherings, making your room come alive with spectacular color.

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Experience immersive sound like never before with these headphones and earbuds, designed to elevate your audio journey to new heights

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Phone Accessories

HAL-C02 10W Fast Wireless Car Charger With Phone And Stand

Phone Accessories

Transform your smartphone experience with our versatile range of must-have phone accessories,... 

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